Le Promenade, Nice by Gabriel Deschamps


Le Promenade, Nice


Gabriel Deschamps

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Image Size 24" x 20" (60 x 50 cm)
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Gabriel Deschamps made his name as a painter of genre and marine scenes in the South of France, and this view is typical of the paintings which made his reputation. Depicting a typical Mediterranean scene from the 1950s, Le Promenade, Nice, with the blue heat haze of its colours, encapsulates beautifully the warmth of the unspoilt Riviera after the Second World War. La Promenade des Anglais represents the very centre of the social life of Nice and here it is shown in all its undeveloped glory, with the famous Negresco Hotel soaring on the right. The avenue takes its name from the fact that, from the second half of the 18th century, the English took to spending the winter in Nice to take advantage of the temperate climate. When a particularly harsh winter brought an influx of beggars to the town, some of the rich Englishmen proposed that they be employed to create a walkway along the sea. The Promenade was first called the Camin dei Anglès (the English Way) by the Niçois in their native dialect but after the annexation of Nice by France in 1860 it was rechristened La Promenade des Anglais.