Boat at Beach Edge by Raymond Wintz


Boat at Beach Edge


Raymond Wintz

Ref GM1803
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 28" x 14" (71 x 35 cm)
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Wintz gained a firm appreciation by critics and collectors as a leading painter of landscapes, sea and harbour scenes. His inspiration was the picturesque harbours dotted along the Brittany coastline, which he often portrayed through an open cottage door or window. This painting overlooks a busy harbor, three ladies engaging in an activity on the sanded edge of the port, while a man takes his boat out, like many of Wintz’s paintings he depicts the small blue cottages, boats dotted by the port and a warm seaside feel with activity either from the sea or the people. The style in which Raymond Wintz painted can be broadly termed as ‘realism’, although a slight leaning towards impressionism can been noted with his use of pastel colour and thick brushstrokes. Wintz may have been attracted to the Brittany locations where most of his port paintings are set, painted from life due to the quality of the light. Wintz had previously been called ‘the painter of light’ and his works were described as 'nostalgic' even in the 1950s. To a modern-day audience his paintings may evoke childhood memories of holidays on the coast.