Carnaval De Nice (Le Loup), 1961 by H Sauvigo


Carnaval De Nice (Le Loup), 1961


H Sauvigo

Ref GM324
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 20" x 15" (50 x 38 cm)
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The Carnaval de Nice is one of the world’s major annual carnivals, comparable in size and style perhaps only with the Samba carnival in Brazil and the Venetian carnival in Italy. Earliest records of a carnival in Nice date back to 1294, but in its modern incarnation it really dates from 1873. The word “carnival” means “away with meat” and the carnival is thus usually connected with the tradition of fasting, or living on a restricted diet, during Lent. The Nice carnival today has become the major winter festival on the French Riviera. The carnival is most famous perhaps for its ‘Battle of the Flowers’, in which 20 huge floats promenade up and down the seafront in Nice, each with a small team throwing 80,000-100,000 local flowers out to the crowds. At night time, the floats give way to spectacular firework displays. The annual poster produced to promote the carnival has become central to the celebrations and artists who have contributed include Pablo Picasso. Sauvigo’s notable posters, painted during the 1930s and around the time of the Second World War, were re-used more than once, as can be seen from the fact that some of the dates were changed from one poster to another.