Alcove Flowers and Fruit by J.B. Drechsler


Alcove Flowers and Fruit


J.B. Drechsler

Ref GM1770
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 30" x 40" (76 x 102 cm)
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Drechsler is known for his flower and fruit still lifes in oil and in watercolor. These are distinguished for their brilliant light and shade effects, delicacy of colouring, and exquisite finish. The flowers are of different seasons and most of them are depicted larger than their natural size. The arrangement is full of a variety of flowers in multiple colours. The vase is golden and highly decorated, at the base of the vase are grapes and peaches. Complementing the carefully painted flowers, the butterflies, introduce another element of realism. As in other paintings by the artist, the composition consists of flowers from different seasons, which suggests that the picture does not represent a single bouquet. Instead, as these flowers bloom at different times of the year, the artist must have painted this picture over a period of time, or after drawings from nature. The perspective of the vase suggests that the painting was intended to be hung high.