French Partridges by Archibald Thorburn


French Partridges


Archibald Thorburn

Ref GM358
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 20" x 14" (50 x 36 cm)
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Archibald Thorburn wrote: “Looking at things with the eye of the ordinary lover of nature, one can only attempt to represent with brush and pencil the wonderful beauty of the living creatures around us. The chief essential is to acquire the faculty of observing and noting down the many subtle differences in toes and little tricks of habit in different species, and this knowledge can only be obtained by patient watching.” The French Partridge is perhaps better known as the “Red-Legged Partridge” (Alectoris Rufa) to distinguish it from the Grey, or English, partridge. It breeds naturally in south western Europe, particularly in France, Spain and Portugal, but it has also become naturalized in southern England, where it was introduced originally as a game species. The French Partridge does not migrate and breeds on dry lowlands, like farmland and open stony areas, laying its eggs in a nest on the ground. The bird is generally fairly plump, with a light brown back, buff belly and grey breast. It has red legs and rufous-streaked flanks. The bird rarely flies, preferring to run when disturbed.