Capercaillie by Archibald Thorburn




Archibald Thorburn

Ref GM943
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 28" x 20" (71 x 50 cm)
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Archibald Thorburn wrote that: "Looking at things with the eye of the ordinary lover of nature, one can only attempt to represent with brush and pencil the wonderful beauty of the living creatures around us. The chief essential is to acquire the faculty of observing and noting down the many subtle differences in pose and little tricks of habit in different species, and this knowledge can only be obtained by patient watching." Caepercaillie is the largest species of grouse, a family of birds, in the world. Predominantly they are found in Scottish pine woodlands however several distinctive breeds of caepercaillie have been located in Spain, Central Europe, Scandinavia, Russia and Northern Asia. The caepercaillie currently in Scotland were re-introduced in the nineteenth century from Sweden after the local Scottish caepercaillie became extinct in the late eighteenth century. In Scotland these large black caepercaillie live in pine woodland which has now become a rare and vulnerable habitat. The population of caepercaillie has declined, particularly in Scotland, and they are currently an endangered species at risk of becoming extinct.