Embroidered Silk, Turquoise Robe by Oriental School


Embroidered Silk, Turquoise Robe


Oriental School

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Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 53" x 40" (135 x 102 cm)
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This image depicts a design for a Chinese robe. Hanfu is the traditional dress of the Han Chinese people. The term Hanfu derives from the Book of Han, which says, "then many came to the Court to pay homage and were delighted at the clothing style of the Han." The concept of hanfu is distinguished from the broader concept of traditional Chinese clothing. This excludes many changes and innovations in the dress of the Han Chinese people since 1644, the founding of the Qing dynasty, on the basis that such changes were imposed by force (such as through the Queue Order) or adopted through cultural influence from the ruling Manchu ethnicity. Thus, the qipao, while widely regarded as an example of traditional Chinese clothing, is not an example of hanfu since it derives from a Manchu clothing style. Today, most Han Chinese wear Western-style clothing in everyday life. Some urban residents in China wear modified or modernized traditional clothing on some occasions, while many in the countryside still use distinctive peasant dress. The only significant population segment which wear hanfu regularly on a day-to-day basis are religious priests and monks.