Gentlemen Of The Jury by John Morgan


Gentlemen Of The Jury


John Morgan

Ref GM248
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 32" x 18" (81 x 46 cm)
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The Jury was painted by John Morgan in 1861 at the Assizes held at County Hall, Market Square, Aylesbury. This expressive and witty painting depicts 12 local figures sitting as a jury, who are all listed in a plaque beneath the painting which gives their surname and occupation. Many of the names, such as Ivatts and Horwood, are long standing local names and information about sitters can be found in the census, newspapers and trade directories of the time. The picture was first displayed in the spring of 1862 in an exhibition held at the British Institution, London. On 15 February 1862 The Bucks Advertiser recorded that The Jury in the exhibition 'has been placed in the most advantageous situation, and is noticed in the most laudatory terms by all the daily journals. All who saw the work will congratulate our townsman on a success which has been earned by none of the tricks or vulgarities of art, but the keen eye for and strict fidelity to nature, of which the picture bears such evident marks'. The popular appeal of the painting was soon realized and in 1863 a mezzotint engraving of the painting by W Joseph Edwards was published by Henry Graves and Co. It was the first of Morgan’s paintings to be engraved as a print and because of his habit of signing his works J Morgan it earned him the title of ‘Jury’ Morgan.