Cacatua Ophthalmica II by William Hart


Cacatua Ophthalmica II


William Hart

Ref GM301
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 18" x 24" (46 x 60 cm)
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The blue-eyed cockatoo (“Cacatua Ophthalmica”) is endemic to the island of New Britain in Papua New Guinea but is poorly known elsewhere. The bird is approximately 50cm long, primarily white with an erect yellow and white crest, a grey beak and a light blue rim of skin around each eye, which explains the name of the species. Living principally in lowland and hill forests, the blue-eyed cockatoo pairs for life and both male and female birds appear similar. Some males have a darker brown iris and some females have a reddish-brown iris, though this is not a guaranteed way of telling the birds apart Blue-eyed cockatoos can use one of their feet to hold objects and to bring food to their beak while standing on the other foot; this is highly unusual in the bird world, although is an ability held by all cockatoos and many parrots. Unlike many others of its breed, the blue-eyed cockatoo continues to thrive in its natural habitat.