Map Of North America, 1853 by Jacob Monk


Map Of North America, 1853


Jacob Monk

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This magnificent hand-coloured map is a remarkable snapshot of North America at one of the most exciting points in its history. Possibly more than any other of its age, this 1853 chart accurately depicts the momentous progression of the western expansion of the mid-nineteenth century. In 1853, the California gold rush was at its peak, prompting mass migration from all parts of America towards its west coast. The importance of this phenomenon can be gauged from the fact that the gold region of California is shaded bright yellow to mark it more clearly. The rapidity of the settlement of the western United States can be seen by the large number of inhabited regions which had yet to be admitted to the Union: Washington, Oregon, Utah, New Mexico, Oklahoma (Indian Territory) and Nebraska are all listed as territories. All major Indian tribes, geographical features and trading centres are clearly noted, as are major transcontinental highways such as the Oregon Trail. Central America and part of the Caribbean region, including Cuba and the Bahamas, are shown in detail, while Canada is referred to simply as “British Possessions”. As an illustration of the westward development of American culture, this breathtaking map is truly unrivalled.