Bamboo Aqueduct at Hong Kong by Sir Thomas Allom


Bamboo Aqueduct at Hong Kong


Sir Thomas Allom

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Image Size 34" x 27" (86 x 68 cm)
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Allom is chiefly known for his numerous topographical works, which were used to illustrate travel books. From the 1820s onwards, he travelled extensively worldwide. This illustration is from the book ‘The Chinese Empire Illustrated’, which was published around 1858. The book has a series of views from original sketches displaying the scenery, architecture and social habits of the ancient nation. The valley depicted in this image only has a narrow opening towards the seashore. In the middle of this little gorge stands a large mass of rock. On the summit a canal has been formed, and at each extremity a pipe formed of bamboo with a constructed aqueduct to convey the water across the valley.