Australia Map 1880 by Keith Johnston


Australia Map 1880


Keith Johnston

Ref GM509
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 40" x 30" (102 x 76 cm)
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This exquisite map, which dates to around 1880, is a fascinating depiction of Australia at a crucial stage of the country’s history. The gold rushes of the 1850s had seen immigration to Australia on an unprecedented scale, coming as they did on the heels of a global economic recession: around two per cent of the population of Britain and Ireland is estimated to have left for Australia during this period. This revolutionised the nature of the country – within a generation, the majority of its population was native-born – and innovations such as the installation of railways and, in 1872, the establishment of a telegraph system, meant that Australia was well on the way to becoming a prosperous nation of international significance. This map first appeared in Keith Johnston’s General Atlas. Johnston was one of the foremost cartographers of his day, continuing the proud tradition established by his father, who had been Geographer Royal for Scotland. This map was worthy of that tradition: a beautiful lithograph in original outline colour, it shows Australia in wonderful detail, with a fine representation of its rail network as well as inset plans of cities including Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.