Flaming June by Lord Frederic Leighton


Flaming June


Lord Frederic Leighton

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‘Flaming June’ was Leighton’s last and ultimate masterpiece. Many myths surround this painting some say in about 1960, it failed to reach a reserve of $140 dollars at auction but in 1963, Luis A. Ferre, a leading Puerto Rican industrialist and politician, contributed to the Victorian revival by buying it for $10,000 from an Amsterdam dealer on behalf of the Ponce Museum of Art. Some say that is was found, concealed behind 20th-century panelling, by builders demolishing a house near Clapham Common. When it was in the Maas Gallery, the picture collector Sir David Scott, born in 1887, came and remembered seeing it at RA in 1895. His parents had taken him to the Summer Exhibition every year from the age of five but some have said that 'Flamming June' was still to be exhibited when Leighton died in 1896. What it would fetch today is indicated by the record £36 million paid at auction for an Alma-Tadema in 2010.