The Audition by Harley Brown


The Audition


Harley Brown

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This young lady sat for Harley Brown after a full day of rehearsing. She was still filled with energy but didn't mind sitting still for a few hours. Brown told her that he was going to call this painting ‘The Audition’. She smiled knowingly and set her mind to join Brown in his dramatics. Without a word, she immediately assumed the pose depicted. Brown commented ‘She knew better than me what looked right, which is often the case with my subjects: natural, intuitive, knowing. Her expression, distant yet confident. I could see by the way she lifted her leg that this would be absolutely her way. That just added to my excitement of this important moment: two very individual artists joyfully coming together. There was very little talk. I swung my arms about: a stroke here a dab there. Putting in; taking out. No indecisions, no hesitations. She was a charismatic presence, rare and magical. Her strength was undeniable. Several times, I asked if she'd like to take a break and each time she shook her head as if to say: don't slow down, keep it going Harley. I did and it came to a completion as you see. She moved off the stool, came around behind me and looked. Silence. Then she touched my arm and said, "That's me. That's how I feel and see myself. I love it."’