Embroidered 17th Century Fabric by Oriental School


Embroidered 17th Century Fabric


Oriental School

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Image Size 35" x 27" (89 x 68 cm)
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This beautiful ornate fabric design is embroidered with bright red lotuses and green foliage. Chinese embroidery refers to embroidery created by any of the cultures located in the area that makes up modern China. It is some of the oldest extant needlework. The four major regional styles of Chinese embroidery are Suzhou, Hunan, Guangdong and Sichuan embroidery. All of them are nominated as Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage. Chinese embroidery has a long history since Neolithic age. Because of the quality of silk fibre, most Chinese fine embroideries are made in silk. Some ancient vestiges of silk production have been found in various Neolithic sites dating back 5,000-6,000 years in China. Currently the earliest real sample of silk embroidery discovered in China is from a tomb in Mashan in Hubei province identified with the Zhanguo period (5th-3rd centuries BC). After the opening of Silk Route in Han Dynasty, the silk production and trade became flourishing. In the 14th century, the Chinese silk embroidery production reached its high peak.