Crenaia, The Nymph of the Dargle - Detail by Lord Frederic Leighton


Crenaia, The Nymph of the Dargle - Detail


Lord Frederic Leighton

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Image Size 14" x 21" (35 x 53 cm)
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This seductive image depicts a favorite muse of Frederic Leighton, Dorothy Dene. Her face graces many of the Leighton paintings. She is instantly recognizable with her head of little curls and her strong features. ‘Crenaia’ (Dorothy) is a nymph, risen from the waters of the River Dargle which ran across the estate of Lord Powerscourt, the painting's first owner. Created in 1880, Crenaia is enveloped in the folds of her drapery which echoe the white of the water behind her giving her skin an ethereally glow. Leader of Victorian classical painting, Frederick Leighton (1830 – 1896) created historical and mythological scenes influenced by the Nazarenes and the Italian Renaissance. His focus shifted from historical to mythological subjects at the same time the public became interested in Greek culture, cementing his popularity.