Lady with Beads: 1923 by Kees Van Dongen


Lady with Beads: 1923


Kees Van Dongen

Ref GM2498
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 16" x 22" (40 x 56 cm)
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‘Lady with Beads’ depicts an unknown sitter, whose dazzling jewellery, poise and dress identify her as a member of high society. Van Dongen beautifully captures the glint of her necklace, as if to call greater attention to the wealth and glamour of the sitter. He accentuates the white sheen of the woman's dress by contrasting it with the soft blue tones of the background that are then further reflected in her skin. Her stylized look is completed with large brimmed hat. The modern woman was Van Dongen's chief subject throughout his career. With a playful cynicism he remarked of his popularity as a portraitist with high society women, "The essential thing is to elongate the women and especially to make them slim. After that it just remains to enlarge their jewels. They are ravished. This remark is reminiscent of another of his sayings: "Painting is the most beautiful of lies".