Berlin Street Scene by Lesser Ury


Berlin Street Scene


Lesser Ury

Ref GM3052
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 12" x 16" (30 x 40 cm)
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Set in the Charlottenburg district, this is one of Ury’s many Impressionistic Berlin street scenes, typically set either at night or in the rain. Accentuated by vivid splashes of colour, the angular shapes of the fashionably dressed young women stand out strongly against the muted background. Lesser Ury focused nearly the entirety of his oeuvre on views of Berlin, depicting its traditionally lively urban life on canvas; hailed in 1922 as ‘the artistic glorifier of the capital’ by the mayor of Berlin. He was producing works that recorded the transient phenomena of light, weather, and the movement of traffic and pedestrians in contemporary Berlin. While Ury’s treatment of Jewish subjects bears stylistic affinities to Symbolist works, for his renditions of contemporary urban life he looked to the French Impressionists for inspiration. More than any other artist, Ury is associated with the depiction of the Berlin metropolis that emerged during the last decades of the nineteenth century, and the beginning of the twentieth. Whereas other artists produced picturesque views of “Old Berlin”, Ury was the first to create images to express the experience of urban dwellers: the modern means of transportation, new modes of display and consumerism, electrical nocturnal illumination and the particular blend of closeness and distance that characterises human encounters in the public spaces of the street and the café. Ury was mesmerised by the perceptual phenomena of pedestrians and horse-drawn carriages reflected in the wet asphalt of rain-swept streets, of street lamps casting long beams of light onto the wet boulevards at night, of electric light refracted off the mirrors and the large windows of the city’s cafés.