In Alhambra Park, 1887 by Anders Zorn


In Alhambra Park, 1887


Anders Zorn

Ref GM3075
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 14" x 20" (36 x 50 cm)
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Most, if not all of Zorn’s art work included his sitters engaging with each other or within a given task, whether it is playing an instrument, laughing or knitting, all his paintings seep energy and mystery. Zorn’s paintings evoke emotion and interaction and in doing so he includes the viewer, whether as a passer-by peering through the bushes, as we do in ‘Al Alhambra’s Park’, on looking a sweet moment of two lovers kissing, sharing what to them feels like a private moment, Zorn unknowing to them interrupts their privacy allowing us as the onlooker to enter their world and question it. Zorn creates the scene with his knowledgeable skill of perspective, there is depth to his paintings that drag the viewer in as we unsolve and wonder if this is the couple’s first kiss, or maybe their last? You can almost sense how quiet it is, the couple tucked in a corner slumped on a bench, hidden amongst the blossomed flowers and bushes that surround them almost entirely, setting the scene of serenity on a summery afternoon. Zorn creates the scene with the use of mainly green and yellow hues. Grasping a subject so telling and common yet exploiting it with his use of perspective and interaction allowing the viewer to create their own story of the painting.