Four Lane Road, 1956 by Edward Hopper


Four Lane Road, 1956


Edward Hopper

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This painting contains the same petrol pump motif seen in Hopper's work "Gas". This is a symbol of commercial development and the religious belief in the blessings of technology. It tells the story of the merciless encroachment of the industrialised state on a constantly retreating natural environment and nature has obviously been subjugated. Painted while he was in Cape Cod, he here challenges the normal depictions of beautiful coastline landscapes, by choosing to set the painting in a roadside gas station. The husband and wife seem to have different priorities, with annoyance clearly shown on the wife`s face as she leans out of the window. Hopper's subject matter was every day America and, within his paintings, are concealed memory, hope, adventure, poetry and the intangible American spirit.