After the Flood, 1936 by Paul Klee


After the Flood, 1936


Paul Klee

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Painted in 1936 when Klee was terminally ill, this piece was composed using coloured wallpaper paste along with watercolours using Ingres paper on cardboard. The background is a variety of muted colours that almost looks like the reflection of light upon water. The colours are mostly shown in large brush strokes until we reach the right of the painting where we find a number of small rectangles that cover about two thirds of the right hand edge. Bold black lines which are the focus of the painting were a common feature of Klee`s work from this period. Starting at the bottom of the painting, the lines are quite thin and weak as if they have been almost washed away by the flood and again, moving up the painting towards the top, the lines grow bolder and more solid but at the edge there is still a slight blurring to indicate the recent presence of water.