Blue Water Lilies Between, c.1916-1919 by Claude Monet


Blue Water Lilies Between, c.1916-1919


Claude Monet

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The subject of water lilies consumed Monet's paintings during the last 30 years of his life. Monet's paintings of water lilies came from his desire to paint a series of paintings on one subject. Looking closely, you can see Monet's use of small brush strokes that vary in direction giving the painting a feeling of subtle, but constant movement. The elements of light and colour are an important part of the painting as well. Because of his fascination with water, reflections, light, and the atmosphere that they all created, he tried hard to grasp it in his art. It was an experiment in capturing nature, and the Impressionists were very interested in experimenting. As he painted water lilies, his style grew and developed each new painting different from the one before. He was trying to grasp the effects of nature with paint and canvas, and he accomplished it. His natural and free brush strokes combine with the use of colour to give the viewer the experience of water lilies on a pond on a beautiful day.