La Gouvernante by Thierry Poncelet


La Gouvernante


Thierry Poncelet

Ref GM3389
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 16" x 20" (40 x 50 cm)
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In this portrait named ‘La Gouvernante’ Thierry has courteously added a grey haired Yorkshire terriers face to a governesses figure. Although perfectly groomed her stern expression speaks volumes of her profession. The position of governess was one of the few professions open to middle-class women of modest means, but it was often a lonely and difficult life because the social status of a governess was ambiguous, Thierry echoes this with her demeanor and slightly grumpy expression, certainly expressing her firm guide and posterior. In terms of realistic composition, realism was clearly not a primary focus for Thierry however it works effectively. It was certainly Thierry’s intention to match the sitter with the most desirable breed, especially with the right expression. Thierry would carefully resemble the original portraits demeanour while combining gentle humour and classic portraiture. Thus giving the portrait a new life and a new identity, these eccentric canine portraits would be called ‘Aristochiens’, a fitting name and subject within the quirky world of contemporary art.