Portrait of a Young Fiancee by Leonardo da Vinci


Portrait of a Young Fiancee


Leonardo da Vinci

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Portrait of a Young Fiancée, also called La Bella Principessa (English: "The Beautiful Princess"), is a portrait in coloured chalks and ink, on vellum, of a young lady in fashionable costume and hairstyle of a Milanese of the 1490s. The attribution to Leonardo da Vinci has been disputed. Most of those who disagree with the attribution to Leonardo believe the portrait is by an early 19th-century German artist imitating the style of the Italian Renaissance, although recent radiocarbon dating tests show a much earlier date for the vellum. Through the knowledge of the original colours of the restored work the portrait has tentatively been identified as that of Bianca, the illegitimate daughter of Duke Ludovico Sforza, who was legitimized in 1496 and married to Galeazzo Sanseverino, Commander of the armies of the Duke. She died tragically a few months after her marriage.