Child in a Straw Hat, c.1886 by Mary Stevenson Cassatt


Child in a Straw Hat, c.1886


Mary Stevenson Cassatt

Ref GM3375
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 12" x 16" (30 x 40 cm)
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In the artist`s frequent depictions of children, she invested relatively quiet and unexceptional moments with considerable dynamism in handling the composition. `Child in a Straw Hat` is one of many paintings Cassatt made of little girls appearing to play `dress-up`. Often she portrayed them taking pleasure in the act of role-playing and here the child`s expression suggests that she was not enjoying herself. Required to stand still and somewhat isolated, her demeanour conveys a mixture of pensiveness, frustration and boredom. The way the paint has been applied with broad visible brush-strokes lends an appearance of spontaneity to the work.