The Child's Bath, 1893 by Mary Stevenson Cassatt


The Child's Bath, 1893


Mary Stevenson Cassatt

Ref GM3378
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 8" x 12" (20 x 30 cm)
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The subject matter and the overhead perspective were inspired by Japanese woodblocks. The image shows dignity in motherhood and has a style similar to that of Degas. The scene is based on the everyday bathing of a child, a moment that is special by not being special. The female figure holds up the child firmly and protectively with her left hand while the other hand carefully washes the child`s feet. The small and chubby left arm of the child braces against the mother`s thigh while the other hand is clamped firmly on the child`s own thigh and the mother`s right hand presses firmly but still gently on the foot of the basin, imitating the child`s on pressure on her thigh.