Jeune Fille de Bonne Famille by Thierry Poncelet


Jeune Fille de Bonne Famille


Thierry Poncelet

Ref GM3404
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 8" x 10" (20 x 25 cm)
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Thierry Poncelet has been captivating art collectors with his wonderful and eccentric canine portraits called 'Aristochiens' for over twenty years. After deciding to give new life to some old ancestral portraits that he found in second-hand stores or markets, Poncelets Aristochien series was born. Since then, Poncelets paintings have attained a unique place in the world of contemporary art. In ‘Jeune Fille de Bonne Famille' Poncelet has carefully matched the breed of the dog, a Cairn Terrier, to the male sitter. Cairn Terriers originated in the Scottish Highlands as a working dog and are one of the oldest terrier breeds, and they are known for being intelligent, loyal and adventurous with a friendly temperament. Poncelet has captured the facial expression of the dog beautifully which portrays an inquisitive nature and echoes that of the sitter, creating a new portrait which combines gentle humour and classic portraiture.