Boats in Victoria Harbour by Oriental School


Boats in Victoria Harbour


Oriental School

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During the golden days of the fishing industry, traditional wooden junk boats filled Victoria Harbour. Some fishermen and their families lived on their boats, with ports and fish-trading markets springing up in areas such as Aberdeen and Shau Kei Wan. Over the decades, reclamation of land moved many families on to the land. Many were attracted to jobs in industry and commerce, meaning the number of those working at sea dwindled. Today, one of the few remaining red-sail Chinese junk boats that can be spotted in the harbour is owned and operated by Tsim Sha Tsui bar Aqua. The harbor is quite beautiful and is worth seeing in a tour of Hong Kong, it is a strategic location and was an important part of the British Empire. Now it plays an important part in China's foreign trade and for Hong Kong's tourism.