Golden Autumn by John Atkinson Grimshaw


Golden Autumn


John Atkinson Grimshaw

Ref GM3464
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 12" x 8" (30 x 20 cm)
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John Atkinson Grimshaw was an undisputed master of rendering light - as proficient at capturing the distinct light of the rising or setting sun as he was the moon. Rich in atmosphere and detail, Grimshaw’s paintings were hugely popular to Victorian audiences and remain as evocative today. In Golden Autumn, a lone female figure walks down a road bathed in the last light of an autumn evening. To her right a shaft of light breaks through the wall and illuminates the gate to her left. The bare trees are silhouetted against the golden sky and cast long shadows while the road glistens through Grimshaw’s intricate painting technique. The tracks of horses and carts that have passed through earlier have left their impressions in the damp soil. Behind the wall a grand mansion can be seen, its solitary appearance lending itself to the sense of tranquility and mystery in the painting. This work belongs to a series of paintings that Grimshaw produced in the 1880s of suburban streets in autumn, predominantly painted in Yorkshire although the artist would assimilate various views he had seen into his own imaginary compositions. As such, they contrast with the moonlit, suburban subjects he undertook of the great cities of Britain such as Prince’s Dock, Hull . In Golden Autumn, the location remains anonymous enhancing both the work’s intrigue and romance, which were prevalent themes in Victorian culture. The painting closely echoes the poetry and literature of the age.