Aurora Borealis by Frederic Edwin Church


Aurora Borealis


Frederic Edwin Church

Ref GM3531
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 27" x 18" (68 x 46 cm)
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Painted in 1865, the painting is based on a sketch by Church`s pupil, the Arctic explorer, Isaac Hayes. The sketch was made at the time of Hayes` furthest northern movement into what he named `Cape Leiber` and the Aurora Borealis appeared over the peak. The peak was subsequently named `Mount Church` and you can see incorporated into the painting, the details of Hayes` ship and by presenting the ship`s safe passage through this eerie experience, Church suggested optimism for the future with a tiny light shining out from the ship`s window. The painting is often referred to as an example of Church`s use of Luminism, which is characterised by a diffused light, a hazy atmosphere and a calm view of the land. Luminism paintings are associated with the Hudson River School of Landscape Painting in the 19th century.