April: The Green Gown by Frederick Childe Hassam


April: The Green Gown


Frederick Childe Hassam

Ref GM3643
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 18" x 12" (46 x 30 cm)
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This portrait of a young lady in a green dress gently resting in a semi-reclining position, supported by cushions on a wooden sofa, leaves the viewer to wonder about the story. Behind the wooden sofa is a beautiful 4 piece screen, predominantly in golds and serving as a frame for the principal subject. By the expression on her face, you can wonder if she is contemplating a very serious decision or if there is a hint of sadness at something that has happened or is happening in her life. The painting was produced in 1920. Given the 19th century style of the dress and the Painting`s original title `April 1859`, there is a thought expressed recently, that Hassam intended this painting as a portrayal of this mother, Rosa Hathorne Hassam during her pregnancy. In April, Rosa would have been in her third month of pregnancy with her artist Son born on October 17th, 1859.