Charolais Bull by James Lynch


Charolais Bull


James Lynch

Ref GM609
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 24" x 16" (60 x 40 cm)
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Charolais are a beef breed of cattle which originated in Charolais which is the area around Charolles in France. The breed tends to be large muscled with bulls weighing up to 2,500 pounds. The coat is almost pure white but, occasionally, a black version can also be found. This painting, by the contemporary artist, James Lynch, is set in a traditional English landscape. The artist, James Lynch, has become known for his monumental animals set in visionary landscapes and he paints using the ancient medium of egg tempera. He mixes traditional gesso from raw ingredients and makes his paint according to Quattrocento recipes, using pure ground pigments, egg yolk and water. The paint is built up in thin layers and the surface hardens to one of the most durable and lightfast there is, with a sheen which gives a translucent glow to the colours.