Wonder Woman by Joe Chierchio


Wonder Woman


Joe Chierchio

Ref GL432
Type Fine Art Print
Limited Editions This Limited Edition Gouttelette Print on paper is published with light-fast inks to BS1006 standard onto acid-free, calcium carbonate-buffered stock, mould-made from 100% cotton and sourced from environmentally-conscious paper suppliers. Limited Edition Size: 50
Image Size 36" x 24" (90 x 60 cm)
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“I made Wonder Woman long before I knew about the movie coming out,” Chierchio says, explaining his colored pencil drawing of the mighty Diana Prince in her super-heroic regalia. In the drawing, Chierchio’s Wonder Woman wields her magic lasso, which forces her opponents to tell the truth and wears the somewhat lesser-used cape, which has appeared on certain incarnations of the character. Somewhat inexplicably, Chierchio’s Wonder Woman also stands in front of the Batmobile, as seen in Tim Burton’s mega hit 1989 Batman film starring Michael Keaton in the title role and Jack Nicholson as the Joker. That movie was by all accounts a giant hit at the time, but it only brought in $411.3 million at the worldwide box office—a number Gadot’s female-directed Wonder Woman has already eclipsed in 10 days. “I think women are stronger today than ever. They do it all,” Chierchio believes, describing his inspiration for creating this colourful image of Wonder Woman.