The Flower Seller on the Pont Royal with the Louvre Beyond, Paris by Marie Firmin-Girard


The Flower Seller on the Pont Royal with the Louvre Beyond, Paris


Marie Firmin-Girard

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Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 24" x 18" (60 x 46 cm)
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'The Flower Seller on the Pont Royal is a stunning, panoramic view of a bustling Parisian flower market. The picture is painted with formidable academic precision throughout, but Firmin-Girard employs a subtle, stippled manner of applying the paint and keeps all the colors grayed down, which gives the work a softly harmonious look, much like an impressionistic painting. The details of the background buildings, the perspective and other particulars of the scene are faithfully and accurately recorded. From his studio in the Boulevard Clichy in Montmarte, Firmin-Girard produced a wide variety of subjects on commission for wealthy patrons, but his most popular subjects were elegant scenes from contemporary life. His paintings remain popular today, perhaps because they combine fine academic drawing and principles of composition with soft, imperceptibly textured surfaces that are so unlike the glossy, smooth surfaces of stalwart followers of the 19th Century academic tradition like Bouguereau and Gerome. As the novelist and art critic Louis Enault wrote in 1878 in discussing Firmin-Girard, the smallest details give their paintings “a character of extraordinary strength and truth."