Landscape with Field-Workers by Marie Firmin-Girard


Landscape with Field-Workers


Marie Firmin-Girard

Ref GM3838
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 22" x 16" (56 x 40 cm)
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Firmin-Girard's compositions had been known in wealthy American circles since at least 1876. Works like Landscape with field workers further established the artist's reputation for creating elaborately detailed scenes of life during the Belle Époque. In his oeuvre, Firmin-Girard seemed particularly fond of autumn landscapes, and in the present work uses an array of yellow tones. Firmin used rich colours and textures in his paintings and focused on numerous daily life activities of all classes. Firmin often used a birds eye view in his paintings so that the viewer could feel immersed in the scene, really getting a feel of the given activity taking place on canvas in front of them.