Femme au Balcon by Pablo Picasso


Femme au Balcon


Pablo Picasso

Ref SPP4003
Type Fine Art Print
Limited Editions . Limited Edition Size: 1000
Image Size 16" x 21" (40 x 53 cm)
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This original lithograph forms part of the Marina Picasso Estate Lithograph Collection, which has been hand-printed by a traditional multi-plate method using one single plate for each colour. This work of art was produced under the strict supervision of the famous Chromist, Laurent Marcel Salinas (1913-2010) who was a Master Printer in his own right and worked very closely with Pablo Picasso throughout his life and produced some of the artist`s finest original prints. This Special Edition was limited to 1,000 copies which was published and released between 1979 and 1982. Marina Picasso, the official heir to her grandfather’s French estate, sold the collection’s publication rights to investors in order to pay duties due to the French government after Picasso’s death. Once the duties were paid the original paintings were released by the French Ministère de l’Economie and returned to the estate. The investors name appears on the bottom right hand corner of the image. There is also a true Picasso signature below the image that has been authorised for use by the heirs of the estate and in conjunction with New York Attorney at law Martin Bressler of Vaga.