Breakers at Sunset by Carlo Rossi


Breakers at Sunset


Carlo Rossi

Ref GM1652
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 48" x 24" (122 x 60 cm)
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‘Breakers at Sunset’ depicts a traditional beach scene, with the waves breaking on the shore. Waves break because as they move towards shore, they begin to "feel" the ocean floor. In a process known as shoaling, this causes the wave orbitals to flatten as the bottom shoals. When waves feel the bottom they slow down and bunch together but the time between wave crests does not change. The height of the wave will initially decrease when it feels bottom, but then will steadily increase until the wave becomes unstable and breaks near the beach. The water literally falls over. Waves expend the energy they gained from the wind by transferring that energy to the beach when they break. The yellow and golden glow from the sunset creates a warming effect. The idealized perception of the beach means as a viewer you can imagine the environment with all your senses and relax, surrounded by the sun and sea.