A Pointer and Two Spaniels in a Park by Charles Henry Schwanfelder


A Pointer and Two Spaniels in a Park


Charles Henry Schwanfelder

Ref GM4004
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 24" x 18" (60 x 46 cm)
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Painted in the grounds of a country house (location unknown) Springer Spaniels and a Pointer were a very common subject matter for Charles Henry Schwanfelder. The Pointer, also known as the English Pointer, is a medium to large sized breed of dog, developed in England as a Gun Dog. Known as even-tempered, they make good house pets as long as they get sufficient exercise, due to their extremely high energy levels. The English Springer Spaniel is additionally a breed of Gun Dog, traditionally used for flushing and retrieving Game. They are known as an excitable breed and they were used to flush `Spring` Game. They also make very good Sniffer Dogs. A traditional scene of Hunting Dogs at rest.