Alfred de Breanski


Artist Biography:

Born in 1852, in London, Alfred de Breanski was a landscape painter who specialised in Welsh and Scottish mountain scenes. His breath-taking views and glorious muted colours expressed perfectly the colour contrasts of the Highlands and of Wales. De Breanski flourished particularly between 1869 and 1893 and his paintings were exhibited at the Royal Academy and the Society of British Artists, Suffolk Street. He also turned his brush to city scenes on occasion, and created marvellous views of the Thames. However, it is his mountain views for which he is most famous, and these landscapes usually feature water and cattle or sheep, bathed in a flood of golden light. There are other artists with the Breanski name, which has resulted in some confusion over the attribution of his canvases. An unrelated artist, who signed himself A.F de Breanski, is recorded and two of de Breanski’s own sons, Alfred and Arthur, both became painters in their own right. De Breanski died in 1928.

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