Gerald Broom


Artist Biography:

Born in the Heart of England, Gerald Broom is a noted railway historian and illustrator of specialist railway books. Gerald Broom is motivated by the belief that the craftsmanship of traditional art around the turn of the century has never been surpassed. As a railway historian, he therefore regrets that some of the greatest classical and romantic painters of the 19th century, including Alma-Tadema and the Pre-Raphaelites, were not around to paint the great age of steam. He received no formal artistic training but turned professional in 1968, his aim being simply to present an illustration of scenes which existed before the invention of colour film. Gerald Broom was inspired initially by tours of the Birmingham Art Gallery and the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool, and by the work of artists including Lawrence Alma-Tadema, George Clausen and the English traditional schools. However, he generally has a catholic taste in art, provided that the art demonstrates correct observations, skilful technique and provides spiritual value. He works in many different mediums. Gerald Broom is a Member of the Guild of Railway Artists and is also involved in the engineering side of railway preservation.

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