Valeriy Chuikov


Artist Biography:

The eminent artist Valeriy Chuikov received an award for Lifetime Achievement in Contribution to Human Rights from the United Nations in 2005. Valeriy Chuikov was born in Zaporozhie, in the Ukraine, in 1949. He graduated from the Kiev State Art Institute in 1974 and went on to be awarded many prizes for his work, including the Laureate of State award in 1982 and an award in 1976 at the Ukrainian National Exhibition for “The Best Portrait of the Last Five Years”. Chuikov works in several different artistic media and on a very broad range of subject matter including portraits, historical pictures, still lifes and landscapes. His work has been exhibited at many galleries, including the Alberti Gallery, Anna-Mei Chadwick Gallery, Roy Miles Gallery and the New Grafton Gallery. Chuikov’s works are also hung in the National Ukrainian Museum, the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture, the Moscow Academy of Art Collection and in private collections in Europe and the USA, including those of Joseph Blatter, the Chairman of FIFA, Lennart Johansson, the President of UEFA, and Baroness Smith. He has lived and worked in England since 1992.

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