Ingrid Abery


Artist Biography:

Ingrid Abery was born in London in the late 1960s but grew up in Sussex. Her childhood was spent by the sea, often photographing and painting it, and her artistic career thus began at a very young age, progressing towards sculpting and even stone carving. She took a degree in Fine Art – Sculpture and Photography at the Bath Academy of Art but her first love was always the sea, where she remained an active water sports player, windsurfer, sailor and swimmer, as well as a regular "hand" on modern and classic racing yachts. Her photographic inspirations include Man Ray, Bill Brandt, Bert Hardy and Herb Ritts, but her own approach to photography involves what she calls "sculpting with light and form". She endeavours to add extra dimensions to her work by utilising extreme angles, lenses, light and shape. Describing herself as a photographer and nautical journalist, Ingrid Abery has exhibited throughout the United Kingdom and her work has been featured in numerous nautical magazines around the world.

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