Ellen Hudson


Artist Biography:

Ellen Hudson was born in 1962 and brought up in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland with a large family of five other brothers and sisters, with all of whom she remains very close. All six of the Hudson children were sent away to boarding school, which is where Ellen Hudson in particular acquired her first love of art. Inspired by a new and youthful art teacher, she learned originally to analyse and follow contemporary trends and fashions through reading style magazines, visiting shops and boutiques and travelling extensively as a teenager around Europe. Ellen Hudson completed a degree in History of Art at a Scottish university and worked for a time in one of Edinburgh's most prestigious galleries. However, she soon learnt that she preferred to create her own art rather than to sell other peoples’ and has now carved out a highly successful career as a painter and designer of fabrics, textiles and two-dimensional artwork. Ellen Hudson still lives in Scotland, where she divides her time between her own family's farmhouse and the galleries and designers for whom she still undertakes freelance fashion work.

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