John Tallis


Artist Biography:

John Tallis was an English publisher, rather than a cartographer, of the first half of the 19th century and his business, John Tallis & Company, published views, atlases and maps in London from approximately 1838 to 1851. Many of the later maps were engraved by the eminent engraver J. Rapkin and beautifully illustrated by artists including J. Marchant. The company was known not only for its cartographical publications but also for the other books and stationery items it produced to satisfy the increasing demand in Victorian Britain both for literature and for decorative, attractive pieces of artwork for public display. Tallis set up as a publisher with Frederick Tallis in Cripplegate in 1842 and the business moved to Smithfield in London in 1846 before being dissolved in 1849. From 1851 to 1854 John Tallis operated as John Tallis & Company; he later started a publication called The Illustrated News of the World and National Portrait Gallery of Eminent Personages, which was eventually sold by him for £1,370 in 1861. Tallis himself lived between approximately 1815 and 1876.

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