Skip Nall


Artist Biography:

Harold Nall was born in 1953 in San Diego, California. His father was a Naval officer and this influenced his photography as much as, if not more than, any other factors as the young family moved around so often. From an early age ‘Skip’, as he was called, was excited by the opportunity to see and explore new places. He first started shooting at the age of 12, with an Argus Rangefinder which his father gave to him. By the age of 25 he had established himself as a photographer in Dallas, Texas, shooting advertising and corporate assignments. In 1995, American Airlines sent him to Germany to photograph a story and later that same year he was also sent to France on another assignment. While on these travels he made the decision to take a hiatus from advertising, concentrate on travel photography and move to Paris. Two years later Harold Nall made his first trip to Asia. With spiritual roots in Buddhism and having studied with a Buddhist Master from the Philippines, his journey eventually led him to live and marry in the Philippines. Harold Nall continues to shoot advertising photography but his real passion lies in his travel and portrait work. Many of his images reflect a zen-like quality and sense of calm. Besides photography, he loves to surf, exercise, read, play the guitar and spend time with his wife Mia and daughter Jade.

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