Osaria Copperstone


Artist Biography:

Osaria Petra Copperstone born in 1963 grew up in some of the most picturesque areas of Germany. Her sense of composition and imaging was an inner disposition and strongly enhanced a by the natural beauty of the surrounding landscapes. She has won every possible art competition during her school years in North and South Germany. Her first major exhibition at Schloss Montfort / Lake Constance was a complete sell-out. Alongside working with an Art Agent during this period, she additionally completed a good amount of commissioned work for clients. The so far self taught artist began to work alongside Angelika Khan Leonard in a private art school in South Germany. Learning the techniques of the old masters she continued partially teaching, partially painting in the same environment. Following, were different exhibitions in different parts of the country. On a visit to England her artistic expression changed considerably. A few years later Osaria became permanent resident in England. Painting had to take a back burner for some years as she begun to study Photography and ICT at University level. All things digital gained momentum and painting with Photography is now one of her most important ways to express how she sees the world around her. Capturing that one silent moment in time when things reveal their true nature is her true ambition. This transition took many years and will sure continue in the foreseeable future.

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