Robert Delaunay


Artist Biography:

Robert Delaunay was a French artist born 12th April 1885. Delaunay is best known for creating and co-founding the art movement Orphism with his wife Sonia Delaunay. Orphism is recognised by it’s striking use of colours and bold geometric shapes. Delaunay was originally a theatre designer, only painting in his spare time. But he was soon inspired by the Neo-Impressionists’ use of colour. By 1910 he had made his own contribution to Cubism in two series of paintings, Cathedrals and the ‘Eiffel Tower,’ which combined fragmented Cubist form with dynamic movement and vibrant colour. This new and individual use of pictorial rhythms and colour harmonies had an immediate appeal to the senses and, combined with poetic subject matter, distinguished him from the more orthodox Cubist painters. Orphism was renowned for it’s faceted compositions, vivid colour, and contemporary subject matter that together showed an appreciation of modern life. Delaunay’s later works became more abstract, reminiscent of Paul Klee. His love of experimentation with both depth and tone is evident in these abstract works.

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