Austin Allen James


Artist Biography:

Austin A. James was born in Putnam, CT. He lived the first six years of his life in Bennington, VT. Austin has lived most of his life since 1973 in Houston, TX. Austin began his art career in 1994 as a poet. His love for playing with words and phrases and his love for colour naturally led him to experimenting with paint and motion. He started painting in 1996 and exhibiting as a professional artist in 1997. Austin believes that art is energy translated through body memory. A love of composition is paramount. Each human being has his or her own unique form of energy. An artist is capable of translating this energy into art. Austin’s pieces focus on organic shapes, colours, the natural flow of matter and motion. His Master of Fine Arts in Poetry has infused a lyrical sensibility into Austin’s work. “I love color, movement and lyrics in my art. To be successful, the art must be memorable when one turns away.” Austin James “The truth in art is in the stray fingerprint.” “To be a successful painter one must live the life of an artist. Perform your art daily, and your body will remember and inform the next piece. The act of producing is vastly more important than the final product. Never accept a less than amazing finale! With all of this, and in time, everything an artist experiences becomes art.” Austin’s formal education includes a BA from Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX, an MBA from the University of Dallas and his art education is a Master of Fine Arts from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado as well as 45 hours Post Bachelorette at the University of Houston in literature, poetry and French to prepare Austin for his MFA.

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