Kernud Hansen


Artist Biography:

Born in 1972 in Aalborg, Denmark, Kernud spent his childhood exploring the surrounding Jutland region on his bike. He was drawn to exploring the coastal dunes and watery inlets that are such a feature of the landscape and this love of nature and wild places has a remained a compelling theme throughout his work. Kernud’s initially recorded his adventures in a sketch book but when gifted a camera on his sixteenth birthday a new world of possibilities was opened to him. When the family moved to Montana in 1989, Kernud’s enquiring lens explored not only the epic landscape but all aspects of Americana. Kernud says ‘I am strongly drawn to seeking out the beating heart of the American heartland, whether it’s the nostalgic charm of a small town Main street or the rugged magnificence of a hard-working cattle ranch, I find magic everywhere in this great land.’

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