Planisphaerium Terrestre Sive Terrarum Orbis, 1696 by Carel Allard


Planisphaerium Terrestre Sive Terrarum Orbis, 1696


Carel Allard

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The map makers' time old problem was always how to represent the details of a circular object, i.e. the World, on a flat piece of paper. This map, taken from the planispheric approach, illustrates the world shown completely within circles. It takes the approach of a double hemisphere which first appeared in 1554 and the design allows for the incorporation of various descriptive circles. On the left is the New World and on the right the Old World. It is surrounded by additional hemispheric projections of the World. It should be noted that this is one of the earliest maps to abandon the Baroque style of the 17th Century for a more scientific appearance. It shows California as an island, incomplete coastlines for Australia and New Zealand, continuous land mass from Asia to the North West Coast of America and many other contemporary geographical misconceptions from the time it was published in 1696. The publisher, Allard's innovative style was copied by a number of other map makers including Schenk, Zürner, Homann and Seutter.